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Wesley's Worship Space, Cafe and Fair Trade Shop are now open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 2pm, in accordance with our Covid-secure Risk Assessment. 

Our Lunchtime Concerts have now resumed on Tuesdays at 12.45pm, the first recitals being given by Brian Heald.  We will be limited to 50 seats so pre-booking for the concert is requested by email.

Programme for October 2020
The concerts planned for a controlled start on 6th October and will be given by individual and Wesley performers, read more...
Open Programme for October 2020

Programme for November 2020
concerts planned with contributions from Chetham's School of Music Pianist Patrick Townsend, John Bush (trumpet), Brian Heald (organ/piano), Alison Loram (violin) and Rose McLachlan (piano)
Open Programme for November 2020

Programme for December 2020
concerts planned with contributions from Jonathan Guy (clarinet), Leanne Cody (piano), Chetham's School of Music Instrumentalists, The Forum Piano Trio and Willian Bracken (piano)
Open Programme for December 2020

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