Coffee Lounge

Coffee Lounge
This area is a lovely light, fresh and welcoming space (click on image above to view the space in 3D) large enough to accommodate about 25 people. 

This is public space during Coffee Bar opening times, outside these hours this space can have it's concertina curtains drawn to close off and enclose this space for more seclusion:

The 2023 rates for hiring this room are as follows:

Not-for-profit hourly rates, minimum hours is 1.5 hours (see Rates link below)  
For-profit groups subject to surcharge of 30-50% (see Rates link below)
One-off bookings      at least 10x/year          at least 20x/year          at least 30x/year    
£15.75 £14.17 £12.95 £11.75


Other information about booking Wesley premises can be found here

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