Quiet Space: 27th September 2020

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Quiet Space  27th September 2020


Welcome and introduction

Welcome to our first Quiet Space by Zoom! This evening we’ll listen to some readings and share together in times of silence to enable us to become more aware of God with us, in us, around and connecting us. Sometimes we try to fill the emptiness inside ourselves by being busy and this is a time to simply be in God’s presence, being still and listening to what God is saying to us.

During the silence, some people find it helpful to silently repeat a word or phrase from one of the readings that has particularly struck them, others may be anchored by being aware of their breathing or watching a candle flame.  Feel free to do what is helpful to you. Our thoughts do wander and when this happens, gently and kindly return to being open to God’s presence. At the end we‘ll listen to some music and then bless each other by saying The Grace together.

At this time of year we notice the trees around us and this evening we’ll focus on the changing seasons affecting trees and be open to learning from them.

Stilling – In Donald Hilton’s “The word in the world” we read

I stand

I open myself to God.

I kneel

I listen.

I step into God’s presence.

I float in the encompassing ocean of God’s love.

I breathe in and out:

Breathing in the mercy of God,

Breathing out the pain of my sadness.


I am still,

At rest with God

Who is deep within me,

And all around me.


Out of that deep centre

I weave a prayer

Of God’s presence,

Affirming that God is:

That God is with the poor;

That God is with the outcast;

That God is with me.


Creating, sustaining and all-loving God,

Give us the strength and courage to be still,

That we might better serve your broken world.


Silence – 5 mins


Bible reading – read twice

Revelation 22;2

On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.


Silence 5 mins




 Tess Ward writes – Trees partake in the extraordinary circle of life and stand for us, as important pictures of the spiritual journey. They draw up water and minerals through their roots from the humus, the organic matter in the soil and carry them to the leaves. The leaves draw in the sunlight turning the carbon dioxide into oxygen and helping us human beings to breathe. So living things are scientifically and spiritually connected to each other. By the end of September through to November, the diminishing light and warmth from the sun starts to turn their leaves the magical fire colours we associate with autumn. This process which is a feast for our eyes, is actually a dying process. Within the tree, the sap descends but this gives the roots energy. The sleep and rest above ground, hides the deepening roots underground, renewing the young trees and plants and making them stronger.


Silence 5 mins


From Donald Hilton’s “The word in the world”

Lord, as autumn leaves fall to the earth to feed the coming spring, so may the times of loss and seeming death in us become resources for new life and growth. And if the season seems too long, and winter grips our spirit in its vice, give us the patience to know that lengthening days will lead to brightness and to joy.


Silence – 2-3 mins


Blessing written by John Philip Newell

For everything that emerges from the earth

Thanks be to you, O God,

Holy root of being

Sacred sap that rises

Full-bodied Fragrance of earth’s unfolding form.

May we know that we are of You

May we know that we are in You

May we know that we are one with You

Together one.

Guide us as nations to what is deepest

Open us as peoples to what is first

Lead us as a world to what is dearest

That we may know the holiness of wholeness

That we may learn the strength of humility

That together we may live close to the earth and grow in grounded glory.


Pause a minute


Music –  The Lord’s my shepherd

Unmute all and bless each other with the Grace


The word in the world compiled by Donald Hilton

The celtic wheel of the year by Tess Ward

Praying with the earth by John Philip Newell


Download pdf version