Praising, stillness, meditation... 26 April 2020

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Quiet Space

Sunday 26th April 2020



Praise to you O Holy Gardener

for what was sowed in tears is now reaped in joy

By forsythia and primrose, you break out in newness

By swallow and swift, your happy return

Praise to you.



Be still in the silence and aware of the Love with and within…


Meditation: ‘Resurrection’

Easter. The grave clothes of winter

are still here, but the sepulchre

is empty. A messenger

from the tomb tells us

how a stone has been rolled

from the mind, and a tree lightens

the darkness with its blossom.

There are travellers upon the roads

who have heard music blown

from bare bough, and a child

tells us how the accident

of last year, a machine stranded

beside the way for lack

of petrol is covered with flowers.



Luke 24:29
But they urged him strongly, “Stay with us, for it is nearly evening; the day is almost over.”
So he went in to stay with them.




Beyond our boundaries

God of all creation –

who cannot be contained by our boundaries

or by our definitions –

light from beyond our graves

sea without a farther shore,

you are present in every distinct place,

in every moment in history,

You are here and now.

Help us to understand

that those from whom we are separated

by difference, by prejudice,

by language, by lack of communication;

and those from whom we are separated in death,

by its long silence, its aching absence –

are each of them in your presence:

that beyond our horizons,

beyond our boundaries,

beyond our understanding,

they are in your embrace, Amen.



May God of the Easter garden bless in every season of the heart.

May God of the mountainside bless in time set apart.

May God of the beach bless whether tides ebb or flo.

May God of the upper room bless my doubt that I may know

afresh the deep love of God that is stronger than death.

May it fall softly within me as I rest with you this night.


Sources: Tess Ward, The Celtic Wheel of the Year; The Iona Community; R.S Thomas.