Our Daily Bread: 3 May 2020

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Our Daily Bread

During this time of ‘cocooning’ we may find our relationship with food has changed. Perhaps we spend more time thinking about where, when and how to get the food we need. Some items are scarce – we delight in the surprise of obtaining flour or yeast. We may have more time to cook with care. For those who don’t have the resources to feed themselves properly and for those who help them, this is a difficult time.

In preparation for Quiet Space you might like to gather a few items of food to place around your candle

Take the time to sit comfortably and relax, gently bringing your awareness to your breath.


Healing presence of God

As we come into this space, surround us with your love

May we see your beauty, feel your love

Know your wisdom, experience your power

May we find in you the comfort we desire and the strength we need

And may your presence be with us every hour of this night


You may like to take some time to explore the food you have chosen. Imagine you have never seen it before – how it looks and feels and smells, the memories, thoughts and prayers it evokes.


For the Senses

May the touch of your skin

Register the beauty

of the otherness that surrounds you


May your listening be attuned

To the deeper silence

Where sound is honed to bring the distance home


May the fragrance

Of a breathing meadow

Refresh your heart and remind you that you are a child of the earth


And when you partake

Of food and drink,

May your taste quicken to the gift and sweetness

That flows from the earth


May your inner eye

See through the surfaces

And glean the real presence of everything that meets you


May your soul beautify

The desire of your eyes

That you might glimpse

The infinity that hides

In the simple sights that seem worn to your usual eyes


From  ‘Benedictus  -a book of blessings’ byJohn O’Donohue



Read Acts 2 V 42-47

This lectionary reading for today might evoke feelings of sadness as we are not able to meet and eat together in the usual way. Many of are eating alone and know it may be some time before we can sit down to a meal with friends or family.

But, even when we eat alone, our food can connect us with so many people; growers, pickers, packers, processers, lorry drivers, shop assistants as well as neighbours and friends and family.


A time of silence or gentle music, for prayer or reflection.



It’s not in the bread, but in the breaking

That the mystery of God’s story is told

It’s not in the seed, but in the dying,

Not in the treasure, but in the digging for it

It’s not in the mountain, but in its moving.

It’s not in the wine, but in the pouring

That a new world is purchased for the weary.

It’s not in the cross but in the crucified,

Not in the nails but in the nailing.

It’s not in the grave, but in the rising from it.

It’s in the giving

That the gift becomes life;

It’s in the living

That the Word becomes flesh.

It’s in this taking, this receiving, this sharing of a supper,

This pointing to a future

That is promised and paid for and pressed into our hands;

It’s in this everyday mealtime miracle

That the universe is born

To new life.

Gerard Kelly in ‘Spoken Worship






Calm me, O Lord, as you stilled the storm

Still me, O Lord, keep me from harm

Let all the tumult within me cease

Enfold me, Lord, in your peace

David Adam in ‘Celtic Daily Prayer