Breath of Life: 31 May 2020

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Breath of Life


Let me trust your presence in the silence

Let me not be distracted by the clamour of every thought

But let my heart be still, my mind unlearned,

My face unmasked.

Empty me of all I think I can offer.

Let me not be afraid of all I know I cannot be.

Let me trust that I am enough

That just to be here is enough

Just as I am

And to trust that you look on me with eyes that see

With eyes that love.



Breathe on me, breath of God;

Fill me with life anew,

That I may love what thou dost love,

And do what thou wouldst do.


Breathe on me, breath of God,

Until my heart is pure,

Until with thee I will one will,

To do and to endure.


Breathe on me, breath of God,

Till I am wholly thine,

Until this earthly part of me

Glows with thy fire divine.


Breathe on me, breath of God;

So shall I never die,

But live with thee the perfect life

Of thine eternity.             Edwin Hatch (1835-1889)


Bible reading  (read twice slowly)

The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.  Job 33; 4



May I recognise your loving hand as the events of today have unfurled.

May I be aware of you in the unlooked-for moments with another

May I worship in the magic cathedral of the bluebell wood

May my spirit soar with the song of willow-warbler and chiff-chaff.

May my body feel alive with love as your Spirit resides in me

May I trust your compassion in the struggles that I find around me.

May I trust your compassion in the struggles that I find within me, for though you cannot hold my body with your body, you hold my life in yours.

Earth me securely in your love, this day.



Spirit of God,

Your kindly gusts have blown over me this day.

As my movement dies down in the stillness of this night,

May I feel your care nearer to me than my own breath,

For I am known more to you than I know myself,

Loved more than even the dearest love that I have received.

Protect all who need your silent care this night

Spirit of God, assure us of your presence

As we lie down in your peace,

And rise in your company in the morning.


May the breath of God be near me

May the Spirit of God encircle me

May the love of God breathe through me

May the deep peace of God enfold me as I lie down this night.


The celtic wheel of the year, Tess Ward.

Singing the Faith.