Wesley Sunday, 7 June 2020 Zoom audio

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Morning Service at Wesley Chester

7th June 2020


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Order of Service

10.00 – 10.20 Gathering

10.20 Gathering Songs

- StF* 332 Lord I lift your name on high

- StF 37 Call the seeker

- As we are gathered

Welcome and Introduction

Call to worship

Opening Prayers

Lord’s Prayer with Makaton

Song – 691 What shall our greeting be

Reading –  Philippians 3.4b-14

Reflection –  Trey Hall

Prayers of Intercession

Offertory –  Giving in different ways

Hymn 696 – For the healing of the nations


Vigil Space

Bible Month – Thursday evening sermons – Wednesday community nights

Zoom Live – reminder for next week about cameras

Final Song – 697 – Oh Freedom – David and Anna



Opening Prayers based on Psalm 138

God of Love, forever faithful,

through the world’s inconstancy,

 with the psalmist let us praise You,

 trust You’ll help us endlessly.

 When we weaken, when we fail You,

be the strength to make us strong;

 answer those who cry for justice,

 help us all to conquer wrong.

 Teach the rulers of all nations,

when they sneer, despise, exclude,

 that you will not limit justice;

Your love seeks one common good.

You Yourself embrace the lowly,

show respect where it’s denied;

You will topple the vainglorious,

leave them nowhere they can hide.

Whosoever’s trapped in troubles,

walled or trolled with hurt or fear,

God of justice, love and welcome,

 keep them safe, stay ever near.

Working with us, through us, for us,

 make us equal, make us one;

with your boundless loving

kindness now complete what You’ve begun!


words by John Campbell © 2019 Kevin Mayhew Ltd


Order of Service download


*Singing the Faith