Sunday Morning Worship 25th April 2021

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Sunday Morning Worship: Climate Sunday

Streamed live on Facebook (Zoom)

25th April 2021: 10.30am


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Gathering songs:

Let everything that has breath

StF 68 Worship God with the morning sunrise


Introduction - input from Eco Group – who are we, where are we up to?


Prayer of preparation/stilling prayer


Hymn StF 99 All creatures of our God and king


Bible reading - Genesis 1:24-31


  • How do we respond to Climate Change?
  • What does the Methodist Church say about it?
  • What is a Christian response?
  • What is the church’s response?


All We Can video – Tim Baker & Urge Asefa


Prayer of confession


All We Can Video – Martha Rand talks about Climate Change


Hymn – God the Maker of the Heavens


Talk – Deborah Tomkins (Green Christian)


Responsive Lord's Prayer


What is Eco Church?


Hymn StF 663 I the Lord of Sea and Sky


COP26 prayer and close


(download Order of Service)


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