Morning Worship Sunday 12th September 2021

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Wesley Methodist Church
RCL B Ord 24 (Principal), Sunday 12th September 2021, 10.30am


Gathering Songs:

StF2 Come, let us sing to the One

StF406 Have you heard the good news?                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Call to Worship

Hymn: StF134 Christ, whose glory fills the skies

Prayers of Approach & Lord’s Prayer (Makaton)

Introduction to the Theme

Hymn: StF489 All I once held dear

Reading: James 3: 1-10

Reading: Mark 8: 27-38

Hymn: StF272 From heaven you came, helpless babe


Hymn: StF462 Come with me, come wander

Prayers of Intercession

Hymn: StF563 O Jesus I have promised





Video recordings of our Sunday Morning Worship services can be found on our Facebook page.