Mindful Chimp: Fridays (last meeting 27 Apr 18)

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All Mindful Chimp programs offer a powerful combination of mindfulness techniques, a variety of different meditation practices and positive psychology​. These help people build resilience, improve well-being and let go of negative emotions like anger, stress, depression, anxiety and guilt. 

Mindful Chimp provides a range of services including coaching, courses, 1-2-1 tuition, retreats, business programs, teacher training and relaxation classes.

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Who are Mindful Chimp Programs for?
​​If you answer yes to one or more of the following then meditation and mindfulness may be for you. Are you:

  • Looking to increase your wellbeing?
  • Experiencing stress, anger or mood swings?
  • Frustrated or annoyed by people close to you?
  • Saddened by grief or loss?
  • Confused or feeling lost?
  • Struggling with a decision you can’t seem to make?
  • Worrying about your career, family situation or health?
  • Suffering from aches and pains in your body?
  • Trying to rid your life of addictive habits?
  • Dwelling in guilt, regret or self-loathing?
  • Anxious or stressed?
  • Feeling down or simply 'not good enough?


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